Master of Flooring We provide professional wood, laminate and tile services in the Phoenix Arizona area. We have all your flooring needs covered.   GET A FREE QUOTE   VIEW MORE Wood & Laminate Flooring
Complete Wood Flooring Services
Tile Services
Ceramic, Porcelain. Stone, Marble
Custom Flooring For Stairs
  GET A FREE QUOTE   VIEW MORE Wood & Laminate Flooring
Complete Wood Flooring Services
Tile Services
Ceramic, Porcelain. Stone, Marble
Custom Flooring For Stairs
Master of Tile We provide professional tile services for ceramic, porcelain, stone and marble in the Phoenix Arizona area. We have all your tile needs covered.
Stair custom Wood Floor Work   GET A FREE QUOTE   VIEW MORE Wood & Laminate Flooring
Complete Wood Flooring Services
Tile Services
Ceramic, Porcelain. Stone, Marble
Custom Flooring For Stairs
Master of Trimwork We provide professional flooring for stairs as well as custom design & border work.

Master Of Wood & Tile Flooring

Hardwood Laminate Installer
Wood & Vinyl Flooring Services Real Wood or Laminate...We got you covered.

If your looking for professional installation of your new hardwood or engineered wood flooring Master of Wood Floors is your company. We offer several different affordable wood flooring installation services. We are your one-stop hardwood flooring shop for The Phoenix AZ Valley.

  • Hardwood Floor
  • Engineered Wood Floor
  • Laminate
  • Luxury Vinyl Planks
  • WPC Waterproof Vinyl Flooring
Tile Marble Ceramic Flooring Or Wall Installer Phoenix Valley Arizona
Complete Tile Services Custom Tile Work Whether It's Flooring or Walls.

Tile is not just for the kitchen and bathrooms, we can add tile throughout the whole house to create an elegant paradise all your own. We have extensive experience in all tile work from flooring, custom designs, showers, bathrooms and kitchen backsplashes. Here are the tile installations we offer:

  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Stone
  • Marble
Stair And Trim Work Master Of Wood Floors and Tile
Stairs And Hardwood Refinishing Details Matter and Our Work Shows It.

We take extensive care and put maximum effort to our detail work in all our stair, trim and border work. Even if you just need your hardwood sanded and stained we got you covered. Master of Wood Floors specializes in hardwood floor refinishing. Here are the trim work, custom tile design and refinsishing services we offer:

  • Stairs
  • Custom Design & Border
  • Flooring Trim Work
  • Dustless Sanding
  • Organic 0% VOC Finishes

Wood & Tile Flooring Install Services Phoenix Arizona We offer the best hardwood, laminate and tile flooring install services in Arizona. From installation to repairs to refinishing.

Real Hardwood

Real wood flooring can be one of the best investments you make in your home.  With the right material and the right installation real hardwood flooring can last past the amount of time the house is standing. Real hardwood flooring is extremely durable material, but choosing the wrong  hardwood installation service can lead to shortened durability and often scuffs on your new boards ruining their natural beauty.

Laminate Flooring

Todays top choice of flooring is laminate flooring. Laminate flooring installation is an ideal solution for the cost-conscious home owner. A high quality laminate, professionally installed, provides a sturdy, attractive flooring choice. Laminate floors make the best choice when you need a highly durable surface. Laminate flooring unlike real wood is almost impervious to dents and scratches. Laminate flooring is highly durable and stands up great  to moisture so it can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, and other places where you encounter “topical moisture.


We are very detail oriented and take extreme pride in each tile installation. A perfect level and placed tile is a must and we do everything possible to achieve the perfect look on each project. We are  extremely meticulous and we carefully measure out every aspect of the installation before and during the project ensuring each tile is level.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Getting luxury vinyl plank flooring installed in your home is an inexpensive way to add instant beauty and tradition to your home. Luxury vinyl tile creates stunning looking floors that are designed to look like hardwood or stone, and built to endure even the busiest lifestyles. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is easy and quick to install. The installation process creates little mess, the vinyl planks are extremely durable, affordable and are available in a wide selection of colors to match any desired décor style.

Detail Work & Baseboards

When it comes to professional installation services, we both want the best for your home. Our installation professionals meticulously measure then we remeasure to ensure that your floor installation is done right the first time. Some jobs with floating floors such as vinyl plank or laminate flooring require removing the baseboards, then re-installing the old baseboards or even replacing old baseboards with new base boards. Let us do the job the right way, as we pay attention to every detail from the floor to everything around them.

Refinish or Recoat Your Floors

So you already have beautiful hardwood floors, but they have seen better days. Before calling and getting a bunch of bids from installers all over Phoenix you should determine whether they need to refinish or recoat your floors. Recoating your hardwood floors simply just adds a layer of protection, like varnish, without sanding down any imperfections or discolored spots. This process protects the floor and gives it an aged look. On the other hand refinishing your wood floors requires quite a bit more effort from sanding, which can double or even triple the price compared to reciting. Refinishing though will give you floor that looks almost brand new.

About Us

Hardwood Flooring and Installations Located in Phoenix, AZ and Serving All The Phoenix, Metro Cities.

Master of Wood Floors is a full service family owned hardwood and tile flooring company located in Phoenix, AZ.  We specialize in wood, laminate, vinyl installation, wpc waterproof vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl, tile, ceramic, stone, hardwood floor sanding, staining & refinishing, restoration and repairs of the existing wood floors, wood flooring care and cleaning products and more.

If you are in the planning phases of a flooring project in your home or commercial building Master of Wood Floors can help you select the right flooring for your project whether it’s remodeling or new construction.

A One-Stop Shop For Wood And Tile Floor Installation Services

Our professional flooring experts will be able to help you make the right decision for your wood or tile flooring needs by arming you with knowledgeable information, specific to your situation. We service the greater Phoenix Arizona area including surrounding cities such as Phoenix, Glendale, Anthem, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Fountain Hills, Cave Creek, Sun City, Peoria, Surprise, Tempe, Gilbert, Mesa, and Chandler.

Over 12 years Of Flooring Installation Experience.

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    Frequently Asked Flooring Questions If you would like to discuss your flooring questions with us directly, give us a call at (602) 689-6652

    Can we install hardwood flooring if we have a dog or other indoor pets?

    One of the biggest concerns for homeowners thinking of getting hardwood floors is the concern over their pet’s claws may scratch the finish of the wood flooring.  Your only real safe bet as a deterrent is to keep your pet’s claws trimmed and  immediately clean up any messes. In most situations pet damage to the flooring is not warranted by the manufacturers.

    What is Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring?

    Luxury vinyl is very durable, waterproof flooring looks like hardwood or stone but without the hefty price tag. Often referred to as LVT/LVP, luxury vinyl has multiple layers a wear layer, decorative, image, vinyl core and then the backing layer. There is a wide variety of colors, styles and textures to choose from.

    What is Waterproof Laminate Flooring?

    The most important thing to understand is waterproof and water resistant are not the same thing when it comes to flooring. Water resistance means that an element of the flooring can typically withstand water better than normal. Waterproof on the other hand means that water will never be able to penetrate through the flooring, no matter how much time has passed.

    Should I seal my grout and tile?

    Well the simple answer is grout does not NEED to be sealed, but there are benefits to doing it.  First off grout is porous, and without protection over time it will start absorbing dirt and grime.  With regular floor cleaning  or mopping your tile floors can leave your grout color uneven and dirty.